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We have a long history of providing premium services at a fair cost to our customers. Our track record speaks for itself, with a long history of providing excellent service at unbeatable value. Our large customer base grows by the day as a result of the quality tree care services that we provide.

We understand that each job may present unique challenges and that the “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t always the best. This is why we encourage you to give us a call with any queries you may have.

Tree Removal

While a beautiful addition to any garden, trees could also become troublesome. Dead trees pose the risk of falling and causing harm or damage. Do you have a tree that’s blocking light to your home or ruining the aesthetics of your property?

Call us for reliable, professional, and affordable tree removal in Burnaby. We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the relocation of a healthy tree or the removal of hazardous dead wood.

Stump Removal

Apart from being an eyesore, stumps left in your garden can attract infestations of insects and mould. These can then spread throughout your property. An unattended stump could also be a safety hazard, as people are likely to trip and fall if not spotted.

Give us a call today for tree stump removal in Burnaby. Allow our team of experts to help you free up space, remove threats and pests, and claim your garden back.

Tree Trimming & Cutting

Have you recently bought a property with overgrown trees? Maybe you’ve come to the sudden realization of how much your trees have grown.

Overgrown trees present any number of concerns, like potential property damage or injury from branches falling.

So, how can trees be safely trimmed without harming the tree? When is the best time of year for tree-cutting in Burnaby?

Contact us today for expert advice on the best way to tame your trees without killing them or allowing diseases to set in. Get regular maintenance and tree trimming in Burnaby to help maintain structural strength and aesthetics. Most of all, we’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your trees will withstand any type of bad weather.

Tree Pruning

Let’s face it, unkempt trees often look unappealing. Regular pruning offers many benefits beyond the aesthetic aspects too. Fruit trees yield better and more after a good seasonal pruning. Flowering trees have more bud sites and look better than ever come springtime.

Pruning also allows for better light and airflow through the branches. Regular pruning not only helps improve the overall health of the tree but also allows early detection of problems.

Along with pruning your trees, our experts also take note of how well the trees are doing. This monitoring allows us to advise you on any specific needs or diseases. Call our team for an expert arborist in Burnaby to assist you.

Stump Grinding

Do you have a particularly large or stubborn tree stump in your garden? Older, larger trees may prove very difficult (and costly) to remove. Depending on your preference, we provide stump grinding in Burnaby as well as stump removal. Stump grinding is clearly a more affordable option.
Through the use of a specialist machine, our team can grind even the largest stumps down to a few inches below the soil’s surface level. What’s more, it takes a fraction of the time that most complete removals do.

As the grinder does its work, it chops the wood into tiny chips, which can be left to decompose in the ground. This also means that, once the job is done, you won’t have a large gaping hole in your garden that needs to be filled up.

24/7 Emergency Service

The stormy season can cause all kinds of havoc, like broken branches or uprooted trees. Depending on the severity, these could cause property damage, injury, or just look ugly.

Do you need a driveway cleared of tree debris or tree removal in Burnaby? Our 24/7 emergency tree service is here for you.

Put your energy into other matters that need your attention and leave the trees to us. No matter the time, give us a call, and we’ll head right out to clear up the mess and take a load off your shoulders.