Should You Wait Until Winter to Remove Your Trees?

Trees add immense beauty to any piece of land. They bring a host of advantages and can even enhance the value of the property. Yet, they demand regular maintenance to ensure they grow healthy and robust. <\/span>Burnaby Tree Surgeons in Burnaby<\/span><\/a>, BC provide every service necessary for a tree’s lifespan. However, there might come a time when it becomes necessary to remove one or more trees.<\/span>

Although it may be unthinkable to remove a majestic tree, there are times when it is necessary. Diseased, dead, or decaying trees can be quite a hazard on any property. Not only do they diminish the beauty and overall health of the property, but they can also become a danger. At this point, property owners must determine when the best time to remove the tree or trees is.

Diagnosing the Problem

The first thing that must be done before deciding when to remove a tree is to determine the issues with the tree or trees on the property. There are usually one of three reasons that a tree should be removed. A tree services professional in Burnaby, BC can help diagnose a tree and determine the best course of action.

Dead or decaying branches can be a sign of concern that may require tree removal. Various diseases can infect trees and cause them to die. Removing the trees may be the only option to protect the other trees in the area. When the roots of the tree have been damaged or rotted, it can cause a tree to die as well.

Determine the Extent of Damage

After determining if the tree needs to be removed, the next step is determining the extent of the damage. If the tree needs to be removed but seems to be able to handle its own weight with ease, then it will probably be fine to wait a little while for the removal. If simply needing a stump removed, this can wait until a better season to have this work done.

However, if the tree does not seem very stable or is not able to bear the weight of the decaying parts any longer, immediate removal may be necessary. Burnaby Tree Surgeons can help property owners determine if the tree is in need of quick removal and assist with that process.

Can Removal Wait?

There are times when removing a tree can wait. However, when a tree is severely damaged, it may require immediate removal. A tree near a home or other structure on the property that is not able to hold its own weight could fall and cause serious and costly damage. It may even pose risks to the safety of those nearby if and when it falls.

It can be hard to tell if a tree is healthy and strong enough to stand safely until the next season before it is to be removed. Issues such as bark decay or even rot within the roots can leave a tree vulnerable to falls and breakage. A tree specialist in Burnaby, BC can help determine the vulnerability of the tree and whether it should be removed immediately.

Why is Waiting for Winter is Best?

Most people have their tree care performed in the spring or summer months. They think that the weather is warmer and that it is better to have this work performed at this time. Although this may be true for some tasks, it is certainly not the case for tree removal.

The winter months are the best time for tree and stump removal. During the spring, summer, and early fall, trees are full of leaves, flowers, and even fruit. This is heavy and can make the removal more difficult. Having it removed in the winter provides an easier process and may even be beneficial to the surrounding area.

In general, tree removal is best when the tree, as well as the surrounding soil and plant life, is dormant. However, different varieties of trees and climates may require different tactics for safe removal. This makes it important to contact a tree removal professional to avoid potential problems.

Is There a Cheaper Time to Remove a Tree?

Saving money is often a major concern for property owners, even when it comes to necessary tasks such as tree removal. Finding the cheaper option or the best time to save money on tree removal is ideal. However, there is no specific time when tree removal is generally cheaper. Often, the price is determined by the location of the tree, its size, and any complications in removing the tree.

Although there may not be a cheaper season for tree removal, there may be a more expensive time of year for this type of service. The summer months are when most people schedule their tree care and removal services. Due to this great demand on many companies, they may need to raise their prices to match demand. This can make tree removal during the summer more expensive.

How to Decide the Best Time to Remove a Tree

As previously discussed, determining the best time to have a tree removed is often dependent upon the tree itself. If the tree is at risk of falling or branches breaking, removal should be considered an immediate necessity. Even if the tree seems mostly stable but may fall during a storm, it might be a better option to remove it as soon as possible. 

If the tree is not a major threat to life and property, then delaying the removal is possible. For the property owner to make this decision, they must determine what is important to them. Budget and the aesthetic value of the property will often be major factors when making this decision.

The best option for property owners is to talk to a professional. Our tree service professionals located right here in Burnaby can go over all the pricing issues and other factors that go into removing a tree. Any concerns can be easily addressed to find the best time to remove the tree for everyone involved. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!