Stump Removal Burnaby

An old stump on your property can be an eyesore. They’re ugly and hard to remove when you do it yourself. Stumps in your garden create an ideal environment for a pest or fungi infestation to develop. This doesn’t only impact the stump but the rest of your garden as it spreads.

We provide expert stump removal to Burnaby that’ll leave you with a fresh space and better aesthetics.


When it comes to your property, aesthetics are an essential aspect. An old stump in your garden decreases the appeal of the entire space. Aside from the obvious, a random stump also prevents you from using your entire garden to its full potential.

Prevent Infestations

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. An old stump can be an ideal host for a range of infestations, including mould and insects. These diseases can spread through your garden very quickly, making a dead stump quite the liability.


When it comes to your property, safety should always be of the highest concern. A stump on your property can become a safety hazard, especially when not clearly visible. When you have children or pets on your property, this is especially true as they pose a tripping hazard.

An unwanted stump in the middle of your garden also makes regular maintenance, like mowing the lawn, more frustrating than it needs to be. If you’ve ever run over a log with your mower, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Prevent Stump Sprouting

If you’ve recently had a tree cut down, there’s a chance that the stump may sprout again. While this may not seem like an immediate problem, you’d end up at square one at some point—having to chop the tree down again!

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Stump Removal FAQs

We understand that you may still have a few questions about stump removal so we’ve put a few common ones together to help you out. Feel free to give us a call for further assistance and expert advice.

Yes, it can. Before planting anything in the area, we recommend ensuring that all waste is removed first. They ensure that the soil provides the best possible environment for your new plants. We also recommend that you prepare the ground with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Yes, you could, but we advise against it. Using chemical tree stump killers is a slower process and also leaves a window open for possible regrowth. For best results, we recommend professional services for stump removal in Burnaby—it’s faster and yields better results.

Stump removal isn’t essential, but it’s recommended if you want to maintain curb appeal and keep infestations at bay.

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