The 6 Best Fall Tree Care Tips in Burnaby

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Our team is on a quest to meet and exceed these high standards for every client we serve. Part of the special care we provide our clients includes expert advice and excellent tree service.

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Prune Properly

If you want your trees to look their best, it’s important that you prune them regularly. It will allow light and air to reach inner branches and leaves, which helps prevent disease and promotes strong growth. Fall is also the best time of year to prune your trees.

Before pruning your trees in Burnaby, ensure they have enough room to grow. Remove nearby plants that might block sunlight from hitting their leaves, stunting their growth. It means ensuring that each pruning cut is clean and that there aren’t any jagged edges after the job is finished.

If a branch needs to be removed from the tree, ensure it doesn’t leave an open wound behind that could lead to disease or decay later.

When pruning, remove dead and diseased branches; they can be a safety hazard. If you’re unsure whether something is dead or alive, cut it off at least 12 inches from the trunk and see what happens. It was probably dead wood if nothing grows back within about six weeks. If new growth appears, it may need more time before the tree can heal itself.

Dead branches are easy to spot because they’re dry, brittle and often hang down at an odd angle. Diseased branches may have discolored leaves or spots on them. If you see any of these signs, cut off the branch at its base with a sharp saw or pruning shears. ​

Tree Service in Burnaby

​Call a professional arborist like the ones at Burnaby Tree Surgeons if you need professional help removing dead or diseased branches on your tree. We will come out and safely remove them from the tree, so they don’t harm other parts of the plant.

In addition, prune away low-hanging limbs. Pruning weak branches helps strengthen the tree overall and reduces stress on other areas of your yard. Low-hanging branches can pose safety hazards if they’re within reach of people or animals who walk under them — especially if they’re heavy with leaves or fruit.

Thin Out Dense Areas of Your Tree's Canopy

Thinning allows more light into the tree’s interior, which encourages growth while maintaining the health and vitality of your tree. The reason for this is that as a tree grows, its branches have to compete with each other for sunlight and nutrients. The result is that they grow taller and more narrow, which makes them more susceptible to disease and injury.

In addition, when branches overlap, they block sunlight from reaching lower branches and leaves below. It can cause stress on the lower branches, which may die or be damaged by disease or insects like aphids. By thinning out dense areas of your canopy before winter arrives, you’ll maintain healthy growth in all parts of your tree throughout the year.


Fall is the best time of year to fertilize your trees and shrubs. If your tree or shrub is still growing, you should apply a fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K). If you’re unsure about what type of fertilizer to use, talk with a tree expert before applying any.

Fertilizing has many benefits for your trees: It promotes growth, increases resistance to insects and disease, helps plants absorb more water and gives them better color. But it takes months for the nutrients in fertilizer to become available in the soil around a tree’s root system.

Trim Your Trees Regularly

Trim back any overgrowth. It is especially important if you have a hedge or shrub that needs trimming back this time of year – but all trees need some trimming at least once yearly. It’s best to do this in early spring or late summer/early fall when they’re not actively growing. 

Storm Damages

Trimming trees in Burnaby helps promote more attractive growth patterns and keeps branches from becoming long or thick. It could strain the rest of the tree’s structure and make them more susceptible to disease.

Add Mulch Around Drip Lines

The drip line refers to the outermost edge of the canopy where water drips off leaves and branches. Mulch placed around the drip line will catch this water before it reaches the roots and soil, keeping them moist longer. It can help prevent heaving in clay soils and helps retain moisture in sandy or rocky soils, especially if you have recently planted new trees.

One of the most important steps in proper tree care is to keep the roots healthy and moist. Mulch helps to do this by keeping water from evaporating and preventing sunlight from reaching the ground. It prevents moisture loss from occurring, which can cause root damage or even death.

Adding mulch along the drip line prevents soil erosion and keeps moisture in the soil close to the roots. The mulch also helps insulate the root zone from extreme cold or heat by providing a barrier between the roots and the ground surface.

Check for Signs of Disease and Pest Infestation

During the fall time of year, it’s important to check for signs of disease or pest infestation on your trees. Diseases such as fire blight can kill off branches or entire trees if left untreated, so it’s important for aesthetic and overall health. If you spot any signs of disease or pests, contact a certified arborist for treatment recommendations before winter sets.

Look for signs on leaves, branches and trunks that could signal an insect or disease problem. Some common signs of insect infestation include webs on tree trunks, chewed leaves with small holes, and large numbers of insects flying around trees during warm summer days.

Take Care Of Your Trees in Burnaby This Fall

The best way to protect your trees from the cold winter is by taking care of them during the fall. It will ensure that they are ready for the winter and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

To keep your trees healthy and beautiful means more than spraying them with a garden hose, though that’s a good start. If you need help caring for your trees, don’t hesitate to reach out to Burnaby Tree Surgeons; our certified arborists will take it from there!