There Are 5 Reasons To Remove Dead Trees

Vibrant trees significantly enhance the appearance of any landscape, offering aesthetic appeal, privacy, and natural shade for a property. However, should these trees suffer from disease, damage from storms, or perish, they can present several hazards and complications for the property owner.<\/span>

Trees that have been damaged by storms, infected by tree diseases or insects, or are beyond their expected lifespan need to be promptly removed for safety. Here are five reasons to remove dead, dying, or diseased trees.

1. They Attract Pests

Dead trees attract insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and all sorts of wood-boring insects. Even rats and other pests may set up housekeeping in a dead tree. Once these bugs and pests are in the dead trees, they multiply and move to live trees nearby infecting and possibly killing them. They can even move on to nearby houses and buildings and cause expensive damage.

2. Dead Trees Can Fall

Dead trees are no longer strong and stable. Dead trees can fall at any time, causing damage and injuries to those in their path. During storms and high wind events, dead trees are vulnerable to toppling and can land on your house, a neighbor’s house, other buildings, and vehicles. If it is your tree, you are liable for the damages it causes when it falls. If the insurance company decides you were negligent, they will not cover the costs for you.

3. Removing That Dead Tree Now Saves Money

Having a diseased or dead tree removed promptly before it causes damage or falls can save the homeowner money in damages and liabilities. A dead tree is no longer strong and stable as its structural integrity has been compromised. Dead branches can fall or a strong gust of wind can cause the whole tree to fall. When branches and whole trees fall without guidance, they can land on buildings, vehicles, and even people or animals. This could result in large damage repair bills, medical bills, or lawsuits from neighbors with damaged property or injuries. Having that tree removed safely before it causes damage can save a homeowner a lot of money.

4. A Sick or Dead Tree Can Cause Damage to Other Trees

If the tree was killed by insects or disease and is not promptly removed, those insects or that tree disease can spread to neighboring trees, causing them to die. Tree diseases are contagious, and insects travel from tree to tree. Some tree diseases, such as mold or mildew, can spread to the entire landscape, ruining it all. It is important to contact a tree service such as Burnaby Tree Surgeons to remove the diseased or dead tree and protect the neighboring trees and plants from further damage. Dead trees can also fall on neighboring trees and seriously damage them.

5. Dead Trees Are Unattractive

Dead trees are not attractive and ruin the home’s curb appeal. It is important that your yard looks as attractive as possible for your enjoyment and for your property values. Trees with no leaves, peeling bark, and falling branches are not attractive and make the whole landscape look uncared for and unattractive. Dead trees can even impact the saleability and value of your home.

Burnaby Tree Surgeons in Burnaby offers a full range of tree care services, including tree removal and disposal. Our licensed professionals can take care of your trees for reasonable prices. The full range of tree services includes:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree evaluations
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding and stump removal
  • 24/7 emergency tree services

Call us for any tree issues you may have and one of our arborists can come to your property to assess tree problems and suggest the best options for dealing with them. Our professionals use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done correctly and safely.

Don’t attempt to remove large trees or branches on your own without the proper training and equipment. Large trees must be handled carefully with the right tools and training. Trees can cause a lot of damage if they fall in the wrong spot. Amateur tree cutters have been badly injured or even killed when the trees they are cutting fall on them. Tree removal is an exact science best handled by professionals with the right training and experience.

How To Prevent Trees Dying

There are steps every homeowner can take to prevent premature death or insect infestation in their trees. A little preventative effort can save the homeowner lost trees and big tree removal fees. Those efforts start with planting the correct trees for your area and landscape needs. Then, the trees must be correctly placed and planted. There are more landscape steps to keep trees healthy.

  • Each fall, inspect your trees for dying branches, insect damage, and signs of disease. Prune unruly branches. Hire for a tree service if needed.
  • Give trees space to grow, and avoid parking cars under trees. Don’t build structures too near trees.
  • Inspect your trees periodically, looking for storm damage, insect damage, or disease.
  • Spread mulch around the base of trees, leaving a little space around the tree trunk.
  • Protect the bark of trees by keeping tools like lawnmowers away from them.
  • Don’t hang things from tree branches. Ropes tied around branches to suspend swings or hammocks can wear the bark and damage the tree.
  • Water trees when it is dry for several weeks although not usually necessary with the amount of rain we get in Burnaby. Water slowly so the roots can absorb the water.
  • Have trees inspected by a good tree service periodically to catch problems while they are minor and can be treated.

When you have an ongoing relationship with a good tree service company, such as Burnaby Tree Surgeons, you can keep your trees trimmed and cared for all year round so they last longer and look more attractive. Burnaby Tree Surgeons offer the best service at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to inspect all your trees and get a report on each one’s condition. Our experts can then advise you on what care each tree needs, if any. We will trim or prune each tree to look its best and be its healthiest.