Tree Pruning Burnaby

Burnaby Tree Surgeons provides pruning services, a small-scale version of branch cutting. We use pruning to prevent trees from becoming overgrown, leaving your trees healthier and your garden looking great!

Pruning is also a great way to ensure that your tree remains healthy and looks fantastic year-round. To hire us to prune trees on your property today, give us a call or submit a form with information about the type of tree service you are looking for.


The curb appeal of your property is essential to its value. A tree that’s not regularly pruned can ruin the appearance of your property, making it look neglected.

To avoid this happening, call us to carry out our professional tree pruning service so your tree and property look their best.

Maintain the Health of the Tree

If part of your tree has become sick over time, it’ll soon spread, causing the whole tree to die and possibly result in removal. Regular tree pruning in Burnaby will help to keep your tree healthy and spot potential problems early.

Part of our tree service is monitoring the health of your tree, so you can treat any possible threats early. This also gives the tree a chance to recover faster.

Improve Fruit Production

A significant benefit to hiring our professional tree pruning services is the boost it gives to your fruit trees. Pruning fruit-bearing trees correctly and at the right stage helps them produce a lot more fruit. It can be as much as 50% more than without pruning.

So if you have fruit trees on your property and wish to get the most fruit possible from them, contact us today so one of our professional team members can help.


As trees become overgrown, they carry more of a risk of branches becoming ill or falling down. They could also grow too close to utility lines, risking significant damage.

For any trees that require pruning or if you have any questions, Burnaby Tree Surgeons would be happy to share our thoughts and to provide our honest opinion.

Tree Pruning FAQs

We’ve compiled a few common questions about tree pruning to help clear up any uncertainties. Please call our team for further assistance, advice and to make a booking.

For best results and healthier trees, we recommend having your trees pruned at least once a year.
Either is fine. Just remember that pruning young trees could cause damage that may stay with the tree forever. Luckily, our skilled arborists are knowledgeable enough to advise accordingly.
Your tree could strain after pruning; it’s best to ensure that you provide enough water to help it recover. Regular watering also promotes new shoots to develop, adding to your tree’s growth.

When pruned correctly, the branch will not grow back but rather form a callous over the area over time. This callous helps to protect the tree from possible infection or decay.

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