Tree Removal Burnaby

Do you have an old or damaged tree on your property? Call us for professional tree removal in Burnaby. We can safely remove your tree and leave your property looking amazing afterward.


When it comes to removing trees, safety is always a top priority. If you don’t have the proper training, experience, or equipment, it can result in damage or injury. A tree can fall onto other parts of your property, possibly causing significant damage. There’s also the very real risk of it causing significant injury or death when falling on someone.

Old or damaged trees are prone to falling. If you need a tree safely removed from your property today, contact Burnaby Tree Surgeons.


The aesthetics of your property are an essential aspect contributing to its value. Old and decaying trees on your property can make your whole property look neglected. Overall, it makes a poor impression on guests and neighbors and may even deter potential buyers. Nip these problems in the bud by calling us for a professional arborist in Burnaby to tend to your dead or decaying trees. Tree removal can give your property a whole new look and an improved atmosphere. Make a lasting impression with guests, improve your property value, or free up some space for new foliage.

Save Money in the Long Run

Dead and decaying trees on your property could end in disaster, which could be costly. When not removed in a timely fashion, dead trees become structurally weakened and can be hazardous.

Take care of a pesky old tree before it causes property damage that’ll cost more to fix.

Free Up Space on Your Property

Decaying trees can take up significant space and should be removed as soon as possible. They also tend to block light from reaching certain parts of your garden and home. Not only does it impact the health of your garden, but can also give your house a dreary appearance.

Removing an unwanted tree also frees up substantial space allowing you to enjoy your garden. Give Burnaby Tree Surgeons a call to see how our tree service contractors can help you remove unwanted old trees and improve your garden space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removal

Do you have any concerns about tree removal in Burnaby? We’ve put together a few FAQs to set your mind at ease. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please contact us for assistance.

Our tree removal experts use special tools to cut and remove the offending tree in a series of sections. We continue to remove each section until reaching the bottom of the tree. We’ll then load up the pieces and clear your garden of all debris.

We know, one big cut at the base and a guy shouting “timer!” sounds more exciting but carries more risk of damaging your home or property.

Not unless you’d need to grant our team access to your property in order to remove the tree.

Large trees close to your home have its benefits but could also pose a serious threat. Damage from scratching branches, leaf build-up on the roof, and compromised foundation from roots are all possibilities. While removal may require careful planning, it is possible to do it safely.

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