Tree Fertilization in Burnaby: Spread the Love

\u200bFertilizing trees is a widespread technique used to stimulate fresh growth and enhance the trees’ resistance to insects and illnesses. Moreover, it’s an effective method to ensure your trees maintain a vibrant and healthy appearance throughout the year.<\/span>

Tree fertilization aims to provide specific nutrients and can be done in the spring, summer, or fall, depending on the fertilizer you apply. However, it’s most commonly done in the spring because this is when new growth occurs.

Here is all you need to know about tree fertilization in Burnaby:

What is Tree Fertilization?

Tree fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to your tree’s soil to improve its health. It can be by using organic or chemical fertilizers or a combination of both (depending on the type of tree). You should always use organic fertilizers if possible because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that might hurt your trees over time.

What does fertilization do? It helps increase the growth rate of trees by providing them with the extra nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. It also ensures their roots have the proper nutrients to grow deep into the ground and properly anchor the tree. The result is a stronger, healthier tree that will live longer than it would otherwise.

What Are Some Common Types of Fertilizers?

Many types of fertilizers are available on the market today in Burnaby, but they all have one thing in common: they provide nutrients that your tree needs to grow strong and healthy. All fertilizers will contain some kind of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).

These three elements are essential for proper growth in any plant or tree species. Some types may also contain other minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, depending on what type of plant or tree you’re trying to fertilize.

Here are some common types:


Organic fertilizers consist of natural ingredients such as manure or composted plant matter. These materials release nutrients slowly over time and don’t contain any artificial chemicals or additives. Organic tree fertilizers tend to be less expensive than chemical options but may require more frequent applications.

They break down more slowly in the ground than their synthetic counterparts. Some organic tree fertilizers may also contain organic insecticides or fungicides to help prevent pests from damaging your trees’ roots while they’re growing.

They’re also safer for pets and children because they don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxins like inorganic fertilizers.

Inorganic Fertilizers

They contain inorganic ingredients such as ammonium sulfate, nitrate, or urea-based fertilizers. These fertilizers tend to be more powerful than organic ones but also have a higher risk of burning plants if not properly applied by a professional landscaper.

Some common types of tree fertilizers include nitrogen-based and phosphorus-based fertilizers. Plants require nitrogen for growth and development. It’s also one of the main ingredients in many commercial fertilizers.

Nitrogen-based fertilizer contains ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, or urea, which are organic nitrogen sources that convert into nitrates as they break down. These organic nitrogen sources can benefit soil health but may not provide enough nutrients for proper growth and development in young trees.

Phosphorus is another essential nutrient for plant growth and development. Phosphorus-based fertilizer contains phosphate rock fragments or other phosphorus sources. They break down over time into soluble phosphates that plants can absorb quickly and easily through their roots.

This fertilizer is applied during spring or fall when tree leaves are actively growing. It can burn foliage if applied too early or late in the year.

Why Would You Want To Fertilize Your Trees?

Tree fertilization is an integral part of caring for your trees. It helps them develop strong roots and a healthy crown, which leads to better growth and longevity.

Fertilizing your trees can help them grow bigger and stronger over time, making them less likely to break in storms or during strong winds. It increases their lifespan and makes them more resilient against disease and pests like insects or fungus.

Fertilization is an important aspect to the health of your trees. It’s essential if you’ve recently planted a new tree or have been noticing some poor growth on your existing trees. Fertilization helps promote healthy growth and keep your trees strong and healthy in the long run.

Tree fertilization is also a great way to help reduce the amount of stress on your trees during times of drought or stress. When you water your tree properly and give it proper nutrients through fertilization, you can reduce the chances of damage or death during stress.

Proper tree fertilization Improves root growth. Trees need their roots to grow deep into the ground to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Adding fertilizer to your soil encourages root growth and strengthens existing roots, making them less likely to break off or rot away. The benefit is that your tree becomes more drought-resistant and healthier overall.

Fertilizing your trees also gives them healthier leaves. You may have noticed that when a tree gets too much sun or not enough water, its leaves turn yellow or brown. It happens because there’s not enough food for the leaves to produce chlorophyll (the pigment responsible for photosynthesis). Applying fertilizer can help keep your trees green by encouraging new leaf growth.

​Spread the Love With Tree Fertilization in Burnaby

With so many trees in Burnaby, it’s easy to take them for granted. We like to think they are always there and will always be there, but this isn’t necessarily true. Many factors can affect the health of your trees and cause them to die prematurely.

At Burnaby Tree Surgeons, we want to help you keep your trees healthy and happy! If you have any questions about tree services or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our arborists, feel free to give us a call today!