How To Successfully Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

Have you ever banged your toe or stumbled on an ancient tree stump? It’s something nearly all of us have experienced at some point. Tree stumps are not only unsightly and cumbersome, but they can also be hazardous. Healthy trees enhance the aesthetic value of our surroundings. However, when a tree has been cut down and only the stump remains, the scenario shifts. The stump may become a breeding ground for pests and a nasty obstacle to trip over. Thus, it’s crucial to eliminate dead trees and their leftover stumps.

When a tree dies, the easy part is contacting a tree service company such as Burnaby Tree Surgeons in Burnaby to safely remove it. When the tree is cut down, the tree stump still remains. It is the part that is connected to the tree roots and is not easy to get rid of. But, it is important to get rid of the stump as soon as possible. There are several good reasons to remove tree stumps.

Stumps Reduce Property Values

That tree stump is an eyesore and makes a yard look unkept. Tree stumps can reduce property values.

Stumps Are a Safety Hazard

Tree stumps create a safety hazard for children playing in the yard, visitors, and property owners. Tripping on a tree stump can be an embarrassment or cause serious injuries. Injuries caused by a person tripping on a neglected tree stump can lead to expensive medical bills or lawsuits.

Abandoned Stumps Can Harbor Infestations and Diseases

Rotting tree stumps can attract all sorts of insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring insects. Once they are established, the insects will multiply and spread to neighboring trees or structures, doing serious damage.

In addition, tree stumps can attract fungi that can pose health risks to children and pets that come in contact with them. It is important to contact a tree service company to remove the stump to prevent these risks.

Old stumps Take Up Yard Space

That abandoned tree stump is taking up valuable yard space and can interfere with landscaping plans. When the tree stump is removed, it frees up space for landscape projects or planting a new tree. It will also make that part of the yard safer for children to play in.

Stumps Make Gardening Inconvenient

Mowing the yard, weeding, or other gardening tasks are harder when you have to work around an ugly tree stump. The mower can be damaged by running into a stump.

Stumps Can Damage a Property

Stumps left in the ground may still support roots that can spread and damage foundations, driveways, and sewer pipes. The roots are seeking water and can cause broken water pipes and sewer pipes, causing contamination and flooding the area. With the stump gone, the roots will die and decompose underground.

Stumps Can Sprout Unwanted Growth

A tree stump with the root system intact can try to grow a new tree. These tree sprouts can grow fast, ruining a home’s landscaping. These sprouts are not free trees as they will not grow to be replacements for the dead tree. They will need to be removed as they sprout and that can be costly. To prevent this, the stump and roots should be removed as soon as the tree is cut down. Existing stumps should be removed as part of the landscaping plan.

There are Several Ways To Remove Tree Stumps

When you decide to get rid of those inconvenient tree stumps, there are several methods to consider. It is easier and safer to hire a good tree service like Burnaby Tree Surgeons to completely remove the stumps. But, if you want to try to remove them on your own, these methods can work. All of them require considerable time and effort.

1. Dig the roots and stump out.

To do this, use a mattock, a fork, or a shovel to loosen the soil around the stump base. Continue digging to expose most of the root system. Use a root saw or a looper to cut the roots into manageable pieces, pull them out of the ground, and dispose of them. Use a grub hoe to wrench out most of the remaining roots and dispose of them.

Now, it should be possible to dislodge the stump with a shovel and dispose of it. There may be hidden roots that need cutting to completely remove the stump. Once the stump is gone, fill the resulting hole with sawdust, loam, and soil until the yard is level. You may need to add more soil over time if the dirt settles and sinks.

2. Burn the stump and roots.

Burning a tree stump is not permitted in Burnaby, BC therefore this isn’t a viable option.

3. Use a chemical stump remover.

Drill a series of evenly spaced holes in the stump with a large drill and bit. Pour the chemical in the holes and over the top of the stump and wait for the stump to absorb the liquid. Keep all children and pets away from the stump until it is removed, as these chemicals are toxic. Once the chemicals are absorbed, the stump’s wood will soften and rot over time.

After several weeks, when the stump has softened and rotted, use a shovel or an ax to chop it into pieces and remove it from the ground. When the stump has been leveled, burn the remaining stump into the ground. When the fire has done its work, dig up what is left and dispose of it safely. Replace everything with sawdust, loam, and soil to level the ground, adding more fill as ground sinks to keep the area level.

4. Have a professional grind the stump.

Tree stump grinding takes less time and effort to accomplish a permanent removal of the stump. You can rent a stump grinder and do the job yourself or hire a professional to do a better job and complete the work faster. If you do it yourself, you need to wear protective gear including gloves, goggles, and ear protectors. Follow the operating instructions that come with the grinder. Start at the outer edges of the stump and start grinding by moving the grinder around the circumference of the stump until all the stump is ground up down to the ground. Then, remove the wood chips and replace them with sawdust, loam, and soil to level the ground.

Since the successful removal of tree stumps requires a lot of work and the correct technique, it seems the better choice is to hire professionals with experience in removing tree stumps. Stump grinding is the preferred way for professionals to remove tree stumps. Be sure to use professionals that have good reputations in your area. Ask to see licensing, proof of insurance, and other professional credentials. Ask for a binding estimate for the job in advance so there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill is presented.

Burnaby Tree Surgeons has over ten years of experience helping our many customers remove dead or unwanted trees and their stumps. We pride ourselves in doing excellent work for a reasonable price. Our licensed professionals have the training and experience to do the job safely and quickly. When the tree is down and the stump is ground, we can haul away the dead tree, branches, wood chips, and other debris.

Call for a free estimate for tree removal and stump grinding. Ask about the other tree services we offer, including tree trimming and pruning.

Two Ways Not To Try in Removing Tree Stumps

You may have heard people suggest using explosives to blow stumps out of the ground. This is a dangerous and generally illegal method of removing stumps from yards. The use of explosives is never safe and can cause serious injuries and property damage. This is not a viable method for removing tree stumps.

Another way some people try to remove stumps is to pull them out of the ground with a chain and a truck or a tractor. This is not an approved or safe way to remove stumps. There are many things that can go wrong. Injuries and property damage can result. Just do not attempt this method of stump removal.

Hire The Tree Service Professionals

For the majority of homeowners, hiring a company like Burnaby Tree Surgeons to cut down large dead trees and grind the tree stumps and roots is the best way to go. The job will be quickly and safely done, and the resulting mess will be cleaned up. Once the tree stumps are removed, what will be left is a nice, level yard to landscape and enjoy for years to come. Contact us today for a no obligation free quote.